Phrasal verbs con TAKE

Consulta aquí la lista de phrasal verbs con take. Este verbo, que significa coger o llevar, adquiere nuevos significados y usos al unirlo a preposiciones o adverbios. Aprende los phrasal verbs con take con la siguiente lista y todos sus significados. También puedes consultar si son phrasal verbs separables, ya que a la hora de utilizarlos deber tener en cuenta la persona o el objeto para colocarlo de forma correcta en la frase.

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verb Significado Traducción Ejemplo
take after to have a similar personality or to look like an older member of your family parecerse a Many people say that Beth takes after her grandmother
take [sth] off when a plane leaves; to remove a piece of clothing or to have a period of time away from work despegar, quitarse The plane is going to take-off at seven o´clock.
take [sth] up to start a hobby, to accept or to move in empezar a hacer, instalarse He took up smoking after breaking up the relationship.
take over to begin doing a job or a task that someone else had been doing previously relevar, asumir Cristina is going to take over her job.
take [sb] out to go on a date with salir con alguien Lisa was happy that Max wanted to take her out
take [sth] out to excise, to apply for, to remove sacar Can you take the rubbish out?
take on to accept, to fight, to hire hacerse cargo, enfrentarse, contratar Taking on the directorship was his first challenge.
take back to admit wrongdoing admitir errores o irregularidades I take back what I said because it was totally inappropriate.
take [sb] in to allow someone to stay in your house or to be deceived or swindled permitir a alguien la entrada o ser engañado o estafado Don't take Elisa in by your nonsense.
take [sth] in to observe something or to make a piece of clothing narrower or tighter estrechar, ajustar She had lost weight so the shirt had to be taken in more at the waist.
take down to disassemble, to dismantle desarmar, desmontar, apuntar It's time to take down the Christmas decoration until next year.
take apart to disassemble something desmontar He was a good mechanic and could take an engine apart in less than two hours.